A message from your Chairperson


When Tana Umaga famously said to referee Peter Marshall, “we’re not playing tiddlywinks”, I laughed and applauded his comments. Because let’s face it, rugby is an impact sport played by warriors and is one of the most fierce team sports on the planet. But that comment has stayed with me ever since as it’s something that resonates with my outlook on life in general. And it also conveys my attitude towards rugby both on and off the field. I’ve grown up around rugby with my older brother playing for his college and club. Going to his games with my dad, getting removed from being around the coaches half time speech due to its expletive nature, cold days out and muddy gumboots. That scene has continued into adult/parenthood and is still going with my children now playing rugby. Except I’m the one trying not to yell the expletives. The muddy gumboots have remained... and the memories continue to grow.

My family and friends can testify to my passion for sport. When I’m running around the fields, watching my kids play or in the stands at Westpac Stadium, you can usually hear me before you see me.

Thankfully my kids are older, and it’s no longer embarrassing to have mum screaming support and encouragement. It’s this passion I want to bring to my new role within the club.

In my sporting background, I’ve played netball to premier level and managed a national team. I’ve been appointed to a netball board, captained a netball club and coached collegiate teams. You could say volunteering and administering sport is in my blood. Netball is my game however, as girls never played rugby when I was growing up. It was for the boys. Thankfully this attitude has changed. The landscape in women’s sport and in women’s rugby, is climbing to unfathomable heights compared to only 10 or so years ago. And this is much to the benefit of my daughter who like me, loves the sport too. She’s not a bad player either.

Paremata Plimmerton RFC will over the next few years, continue to expand and develop both on and off the field, with new facilities and developments making it a very exciting time. This is also our 60th Jubilee year so the celebrations will be huge. Match that with it being RWC year, and it’s going to be a busy season!

Increasing our volunteer base is hugely important this year. Especially if we are to continue our clubs success. I look forward to meeting members and sharing ideas and helping strengthen the legacy that our past members have created.

Please don’t hesitate to come and say hi to me. I’ll be floating around the fields and trying to get to as many games as possible. Like I said before, if you can’t see me on the sideline, you’ll be able to hear me.

I’m not fussed on playing tiddlywinks either. This club has so much to offer and I will do my utmost to make sure that continues.


Tony Cutting

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